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Management Conference Reflections from a California Liaison


Management Conference Reflections from a California Liaison

By Karen Archer

Reflecting back on Co-op Expedition: Treasure the Journey brings a smile to my face and a joy to my heart. What a great experience to be with Co-op members in California and Michigan this year. It was an honor for me to be able to present workshops for both regions. As much fun as I had preparing and presenting workshops, I learned far greater things from our members. Watching them interact with one another, sharing their passion and desire to make their Co-ops the best it can be gave me great joy.

I have to say, from one coast to the other, our members are the best. The life experiences they have journeyed and the lessons of life they have learned has brought energy and hope for the future.

The experience of the journey of our conferences this year will carry on throughout the year, hopefully for all of us. I know it has changed my life, and I hope the lives of all of us. Thanks again!

Hope to see you and hear from you along the journey.

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