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How are Our Co-ops Managed, Anyway?


How are Our Co-ops Managed, Anyway?

By Karen Braunscheidel Dec 2010

Residents of each building choose to become a member by paying a $100 membership fee. This is a very advantageous option because not only does the membership give them the right to vote on co-op issues, but it also serves as a security deposit.

Members of each co-op elect a building council composed of four officers (president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer), a congress delegate and a representative form each floor. Smaller co-ops have two representatives per floor. Together, they cooperatively oversee the day to day business and the orderly management of their co-op.

Floor representatives hold monthly meetings with the members of their floor. At these floor meetings, members have the opportunity to voice their opinion; bring up issues to the attention of the floor representative and vote on co-op matters such as, approving the new landscaping contract, choosing paint colors for the hallways, organizing a holiday party, etc.

The building council also holds monthly meetings where they discuss the business of the co-op and democratically approve purchases and bids. Floor representatives report to the rest of the council members at these meetings on the issues and decisions made at their floor meeting.

Members approve the decisions made by the building council. General membership meetings are held every month where members vote on recommendations from the council and also bring up issues for discussion.

The role of the congress delegate is a bit more complex and requires an article of its own… perhaps in the next edition!

Each co-op has a liaison that supports the council and members. They provide guidance and training to volunteers.

In a nut shell, every member has the opportunity to get involved in the management of their building. Members are encouraged to participate in the decision making process, which gives them true ownership of their co-op, their home. And that’s the beauty of CSI’s unique cooperative management style.

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