What is a Co-op?


Living in a co-op means living in a building that is controlled by the resident members. The resident members vote on all major operating decisions, including writing the annual budget. The membership also includes privileges such as serving in elected or appointed positions, voting in co-op elections, CSI board elections, corporate bylaw changes or other matters coming before the members. Resident members have the opportunity to attend many different functions throughout the year, including the CSI annual luncheon. Becoming part of a CSI co-op allows you to enjoy the benefits of apartment living while retaining control of your environment.

Cooperative Principles

Based on the larger cooperative principles employed by cooperatives worldwide, the following seven principles guide the cooperative management system of CSI.

Democratic Control

Members control their environment & govern themselves through a democratically elected board of directors or building councils. Members enjoy the equal rights of voting one member, one vote.

Not-for-Profit Operation

The cooperative's objective is to provide suitable housing for the most reasonable cost possible. In co-ops, people are the concern. Co-ops exist to benefit their members, not investors.

Continuing Education

All co-ops emphasize continuing education, training, & the exchange of information. Cooperatives keep their members informed and encourage member participation in activities and programs.

Political, Social, Racial & Religious Neutrality

CSI Support & Development Services and its membership respect political, social, racial and religious differences.

Cooperation Among Cooperatives

Local, national, and international cooperative associations of all kinds are strengthened by sharing experience and by their mutual support of each other.

Open, Voluntary Membership

Because of the belief that all people are equal, co-ops have open membership without discrimination.

Concern for Community

CSI Support & Development focuses on its members needs while working for sustainable development of communities through policies and programs accepted by the members.

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