Josie Brock, WS

“I moved here to Washington Square Co-op in November of 2011 from Georgia. I had never lived in an apartment complex and did not know what to expect. A co-op in the south is where you buy feed and grain for your farms. I thought I was moving into a barn that had been made into apartments! Was I ever surprised to see what a beautiful place this is with the well cared for yards and really nice apartments.

I love living here and having so much to do and having a say on how the co-op does things. All the committees you can volunteer for and the wonderful friends you make here. We are a family and care and watch out for each other.

CSI Support and Development is a wonderful company and really cares about their members. They are always there to help and answer all our questions.

If you are looking for a safe and secure place to live, please keep Washington Square co-op in mind. We will treat you all kinds of ways you are bound to love one of them.”

— Josie Brock (Washington Square)


“I have been very pleased with living in the co-operative. I am a retired pre-school teacher. I like to stay involved, so I enjoy being in the co-op doing different things, helping people and volunteering. This keeps me feeling younger and healthier.”

— Mable P. Smith (LaBelle Towers)


“When I moved into the co-op, my main concern was low income housing. I had no idea of the full concept of co-op living. I was in for a great awakening. I had no idea what a wonderful impact, being a co-op member would have on my life. I was in education prior to moving into the co-op, but I am receiving an education I never knew would be possible. But from a different perspective, not only am I learning more, but I can share with others the beauty of co-op living. After attending approximately 18 conferences and being on many committees, also president and vice about 9 times. I have much to share. Co-op living redirected my life to heights I never dreamed of. Congratulations to IYC and CSI.”

— Lannie King (New Horizons)


“This is my first time living in a Co-op. I’ve met and associated with others that I probably would never have met. Living in a co-op offers me a family that’s always close by, while I still live independently in my own “home.” ☺ It also offers educational value!”

— Barbra Chavis (Gratiot Woods)


“When I lost my home and had to move I became very sad. I felt all alone. Since I moved into my co-op I have met wonderful people. I keep busy most of the time as secretary and treasurer, which I enjoy. Life is good now and I am happier than I have been in a long time.“

— Sandra Glover (Madison Heights)


“It has presented me with affordable housing in a safe and pleasant environment.”

— Sonia Green (Ecorse Manor)


“Living in a co-op keeps me more active, and gives me a reason to get up in the morning. Retirement can be very boring—so being active makes my life fuller. Moving to our co-op is the best thing I have ever done for myself.”

— Jeri Draughn (Trenton Towers)

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