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Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan


Pandemic Preparedness Plan version for co-ops 3.17.20 (.pdf)
COVID-19 Memo to Members 3.20.20 (.pdf)
COVID-19 Memo to Members 3.23.20 (.pdf)

Safety is our #1 priority and CSI has developed a continuity of operations plan that we are implementing in response to the rising global threat of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. We are closely monitoring developments with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the state and local health departments in all of our co-op communities and offices. We will revise our plan as needed and keep you posted in a central location in your co-op, on our website, on our Facebook group , and on our Twitter account.

Effective immediately at all our sites until further notice:

  • Co-op meetings and activities are cancelled.
  • Non-essential inspections are cancelled (bedbug treatments will still occur).
  • If your co-op has a van, these trips are cancelled (except for essential trips to the store for supplies). The van will be disinfected after every trip.
  • Co-op offices (volunteer and staff offices) will remain open but work times will be staggered so there are not multiple people in one office and most business will be conducted by phone.
  • The work order priority system has changed. Work orders that are not essential will not be completed until after the state of emergency with the Coronavirus has flatlined. Critical functions for our maintenance staff starting today are:
    • Emergencies
    • Custodial (daily disinfecting in common areas) and trash removal
    • Work orders that involve major daily life functions in your apartments (leaking faucets, broken refrigerator, etc)
    • Unit turnover (only if there is time)
  • Maintenance/custodial staff may be wearing protective equipment when they are in apartments like gloves and masks. This is for your protection and theirs.
  • Service coordinators will do most work by phone and working with members in person in very limited circumstances.

We expect all residents/members and staff to limit social contact. The best thing everyone can do is remain in your apartments. This goes against our whole mission, but safety is most important, and we believe it is in everyone’s best interest and protection. The more people that do this, the faster the Coronavirus can be controlled and flatlined.

Offsite staff will still be working and can be reached by phone or email. Please be patient while you wait for a call back or a returned email as we expect an upsurge in calls/emails as we launch this plan. The very best way to stay informed is at the central info location and websites listed above. We appreciate your cooperation and patience in this matter. Be healthy and go wash your hands.

We have created a central information station in each co-op where we will post updates and important information as the Coronavirus situation changes. Please respect physical boundaries and do not congregate near this information station. If you see someone reading the board, please stay back and wait your turn to approach. Always keep 3-6 feet (preferably 6 feet) from others to reduce the risk of spreading germs.

-Your CSI Management Team

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