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Online Payment Fee Changes


TEMPORARY CHANGE FOR MEMBERS WITH ONLINE RENT PAYMENT FEE: *Online payments by electronic bank transfer, debit card, or credit card have a small fee per transaction. However, safety is our number one priority and due to the pandemic, we were able to get permission for all our regions to temporarily suspend the fee for online rent payments so that members can pay their rent without leaving their apartments. Normally, HUD would not allow this to be paid for out of the co-op’s operating budget. For the months of MAY, JUNE, and JULY 2020, your co-op will pay the fee for you to make your rent payment online.

To summarize your rent payment options:

1. Check or money order by mail.
2. Online: Contact your co-op accountant at 586-753-9002 to get your registration information. There is a small fee per transaction (*waived for residents/members for May-July 2020).
3. Walk-in Payment System (WIPS) at local participating stores. Contact your co-op accountant at 586-753-9002 to request your WIPS number and a list of participating stores near you. There is a small fee to use this service. This fee is NOT waived.

* Excluding Redwood Gardens (California)

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