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Regarding Upcoming 2020 Co-op Elections


This afternoon, the board approved a temporary suspension of the standard election procedures with a replacement process (in the interest of safety) for the upcoming 2020 co-op elections, due to the COVID-19 crisis. If you have questions about these procedures, please call your liaison.

The board suspended Article VI for all co-ops for the 2020 election and replace with the following temporary procedure.

*Note: Existing term limits and qualifications stand.

**Note: the dates on the timeline below will be unique for all regions. You will receive a memo in the next couple of days with specific dates for your region (dates noted with an x in this post).

Nomination Procedures for Officers and Floor Reps:

  1. The election committee shall oversee officer and floor rep elections with the CSI management team.
  2. All members that are in good standing are eligible to be nominated. Ineligible members include but are not limited to: members with court-appointed guardians, members who are not acting in the best interest of the co-op, members who resigned contrary to the resignation procedures within these bylaws, and members who were removed from office.
  3. The liaison will inform the election committee of anyone who is ineligible for nomination for any elected position.
  4. A nominations box (FOR PRESIDENT, VP, SECRETARY, TREASURER, AND FLOOR REPS) will be placed in the mail room/area. Members can nominate eligible candidates (ok to nominate yourself) in one of two ways no later than May x:
    1. Written anonymous nominations for officers and floor reps may be placed in the nominations box located in the mail room/area, (specify name and position you are nominating the person for) or,
    2. Verbal nominations for officers and floor reps shall be made by calling the elections chairperson: [Insert name of chair and phone number.] * This verbal phone call option is the preferred method of nominations.
  5. The election chair (and/or members on the elections committee) will call every person who was nominated to get a verbal acceptance of each nomination. The requirement for a second of the nomination is waived. Members serving on the elections committee are eligible to run for office or a floor rep position, but not allowed to call other nominees running for the same position.
  6. In absence of any nominees for any officer or floor rep positions, the elections committee is encouraged to call members to seek out nominees prior to May x.
  7. Nominations will be closed on May x. The election chair reports to the liaison the names of all members who were nominated, and whether they declined or accepted. The liaison will post the list of qualified members nominated (both declined and accepted nominations) in the mail room/area and on the elevators the week of May x. If there is more than one person running for a position, the liaison shall work with the elections committee and nominees to create a one paragraph bio (using a template with standard info) on each candidate, which will be included with ballots.

Ballot Procedures

Voting is not necessary in uncontested elections (this would be considered approval by acclimation). If all positions are filled for a co-op with only one nominee for each, then the co-op will not need ballots and the election would be closed.

The co-op liaison will create the official ballot, based on a template and will include a color watermark and official wet stamp.

Custom ballot packages will be in a sealed CSI envelope and include: the official ballot with bios and a self-addressed, stamped envelope addressed to the local CSI regional office with the name of the co-op on the return envelope. Custom ballot packages will be mailed the week of May x. The custom ballots will include the names of each person running for each office and floor rep (for the floor the member lives on).

Ballots are due back to the CSI regional offices no later than June x.

Ballots will be sorted by co-op and floor and counted by a CSI staff member (not the assigned liaison for the co-op) no later than June x.

The member elected is the one receiving the highest number of votes. In the case of tie, the candidates will be called and informed of a coin toss.

Election counts will be certified by the CSI staff member counting them and the results will be shared with the co-op liaison and the operations manager in that region. Ballots will be archived at the CSI offices until July 31, at which time they will be destroyed.

The liaison will report the results to the elections chair and provide a poster of the winners no later than June x. The election results will be posted in the mail room/area and on the elevators.

Training will take place remotely at the end of June (TBD). New officers and floor reps will take office on July 1.

Note: CSI is working on proposed procedures for interim elections and other operations matters, as we deal with this rapidly changing crisis. Thank you for your patience.

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