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CDC Guidance on Visitors category: Current Members Blog

The CDC says DO NOT VISIT retirement facilities except to provide critical assistance. California and Michigan have state executive stay-at-home orders. Maryland and Massachusetts have state executive stay-at-home advisories. We know it is hard to not see your loved ones during this crisis, but we need everyone's cooperation in order to keep our members safer. Please let your visitors know that until further notice, we hope everyone will follow the CDC guidelines and state orders/advisories. Only essential visitors should be entering the co-ops in all four of our regions. Essential visitors are those bringing food, prescriptions, and medical services to our members.

We know it is has been weeks since we've been able to see our loved ones, too. Hang in there, cooperators. Be safe and healthy.

Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan category: Current Members Blog

Pandemic Preparedness Plan version for co-ops 3.17.20 (.pdf)
COVID-19 Memo to Members 3.20.20 (.pdf)
COVID-19 Memo to Members 3.23.20 (.pdf)

Safety is our #1 priority and CSI has developed a continuity of operations plan that we are implementing in response to the rising global threat of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. We are closely monitoring developments with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the state and local health departments in all of our co-op communities and offices. We will revise our plan as needed and keep you posted in a central location in your co-op, on our website, on our Facebook group , and on our Twitter account.

Effective immediately at all our sites until further notice:


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