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At CSI Support & Development it is our goal to recruit competent, courteous and compassionate employees and encourage them to embrace and protect our unique cooperative system. We foster a family atmosphere in which everyone has the opportunity to contribute and grow both personally and professionally. CSI staff partners with members to provide the best cooperatively managed senior housing possible.

Current Job Opportunities

CSI is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunities for all persons. We thank all who express interest in available opportunities with CSI; however only individuals selected for an interview will be contacted.

What it's like to work at CSI

Marla Robbins “Working at CSI is nothing short of amazing! Since becoming a part of such a family oriented company that’s known for excellence in its values, integrity, leadership and service, I’ve felt honored to contribute in service to our seniors. I’ve enjoyed celebrating every holiday just like being with family, as well as each other and our members. Best of all, being a part of the day to day operations of assisting someone’s mother, father, grandparent or friend… and hearing their gratitude of appreciation is rewarding in itself. I’m definitely looking forward to the future and growing with my CSI family.”

— Marla Robbins, Relocation Specialist, with CSI since 2015

Ann Sackrison “CSI Support & Development has a meaningful mission. I started here in 1997 and I have always been very proud to work for the Co-op. I believe that what our volunteers and staff accomplish together as an organization enriches the lives of the seniors who live in our co-ops. Because of CSI’s strong values and the warm people that I work with, I find my work exceptionally rewarding.”

— Anne Sackrison, Chief Operations Officer, with CSI since 1997

Isa Woods “On March 19, 2001 I was blessed to begin working for an organization that values its employees as much as it values the people it serves. Today, I’m grateful that I can honestly say, 'I love my job.' Thank you, CSI, for giving me a chance and fostering the environment to help me develop into a valued employee.”

— Isa Woods, Operations Manager, CA Region, with CSI since 2001

Image of CSI Coop employee, Marguerite D’Angelo “You asked why I love working at CSI. There are a lot of reasons that this company has kept my loyalty all these years. The ideal of people working together to help each other appeals to me greatly. Society works best when people feel connected to one another and CSI makes that happen at a time when many seniors are on their own as their families are out living their own lives. The bonding between members and staff is incredibly uplifting. The members have so much experience to share and are willing to do so. The stories that they share of their strength and endurance inspire me.

I appreciate working for an organization with ethics. I have never been asked to do anything that would compromise my own principles. I don’t know how many other organizations can say they’ve never maneuvered a waiting list, or never ‘stuck it’ to a contractor, or never saved money for the organization at the expense of its employees.

I love to come to work each day because of the people within our office. I feel connected to each one that same way I do with cousins. We are a family. We spend a lot of time together and work so well together. Most importantly we have fun. No matter how crazy busy we become, we still find humor to get through it effortlessly.”

— Marguerite D’Angelo, Regional Manager, with CSI since 1988

Ann Sackrison “CSI is a wonderful blend of a team and family. We are proud of our deep heritage and dedicated to protecting and promoting our identity as a member focused Co-operative. While firmly rooted in our history, we are not intransigent when it comes to accepting new ideas and techniques that are in line with our principles. CSI may have celebrated 70 years in 2015 but our best years are yet to come. Excited, motivated, thinkers are encouraged to shape that future and here each person who so desires has a chance to put their fingerprints on that legacy.”

— Gary Teal, Network Manager, with CSI since 2014

The staff around the sign

Articles by the folks at CSI

2012 International Year of Cooperatives category: Corporate Culture

By Anne Sackrison Dec 2011

Cooperative Enterprises Build a Better World

Cooperatives all around the world have received a gift. The United Nations has proclaimed the year 2012 as the International Year of Cooperatives (IYC) and the theme is “Cooperative Enterprises Build a Better World.” The UN recognizes that, “….cooperatives, in their various forms, promote the fullest possible participation in the economic and social development of all people including women, youth, older persons, persons with disabilities and indigenous peoples, are becoming a major factor of economic and social development and contribute to the eradication of poverty.” The co-op business model has empowered people around the world to improve their lives economically and socially.


The Liaison’s Role in Training New Officers category: Corporate Culture

By Marguerite D’Angelo & Tim Braunscheidel

July is an exciting month in the U.S of A. Fireworks displays light the night skies while their exploding shockwaves send a pulse of freedom and honor coursing through our veins. From coast to coast many of us will spend our days basking in the rays of our independence; hanging ten in the surf of southern Cal; savoring Mackinac Island fudge while fishing the great lakes; strolling along the freedom trail leading from the ever so tranquil swan boats to the once turbulent Bunker Hill; enjoying succulent crab cakes while perched atop a duck that waddles through the streets and local waterways, just to name a few. Yes, July is all that and a bag of peanuts at Fenway. But for our CSI liaisons and building members, it is much more. It is a time of change and with that change comes a great responsibility.


New Employee Benefit for Staff with Dependent Care Costs category: Corporate Culture

By Estrelita Brown May 2010

Effective July 1, a Dependent Flexible Spending Account (FSA) provision will be added to CSI’s cafeteria plan. Under this plan, employees may opt to deduct a portion of their income from their paycheck for dependent care. These funds are not subject to federal income or social security taxes. This means you can use tax free dollars to pay for eligible dependent care expenses which you normally pay for with out-of pocket taxable dollars.


How are Our Co-ops Managed, Anyway? category: Corporate Culture

By Karen Braunscheidel Dec 2010

Residents of each building choose to become a member by paying a $100 membership fee. This is a very advantageous option because not only does the membership give them the right to vote on co-op issues, but it also serves as a security deposit.

Members of each co-op elect a building council composed of four officers (president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer), a congress delegate and a representative form each floor. Smaller co-ops have two representatives per floor. Together, they cooperatively oversee the day to day business and the orderly management of their co-op.


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